Professor College Kid


I am SO pumped to kick off this new series, which I am titling ‘Professor College Kid’. Essentially, I will be providing different written Crash Courses for beginners on a variety of subjects I encounter that I found to be beyond exciting, intriguing, and thought-provoking (hopefully you will too). All of the content will be based on my own research, and I will typically refer you, along the way, to the resources I have used and would recommend.

Keep in mind, most (not all) of the crash courses Professor College Kid will be teaching are subjects that I originally knew very little; I am constantly researching new topics I am curious about, and will now be letting you in on my discoveries. These courses are not meant to make you an expert on the material, they are meant to provide you with an introduction to the topic itself. It is a learning experience for both you lovely readers, AND myself.

I hope you enjoy learning, and expanding your understanding of the universe, as much as I do.


Disclaimer: All the facts I provide in Professor College Kid courses are legit (I swear).
*Look at the bottom of each post for sources and further reading material recommendations*


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