Burning Bridges (Life of A Pyro)

The Civil War Raging on in a Mind Addicted to Both Solitude & Companionship.

I’ve burned so many goddamn bridges.

I wonder how many more I’ll light on fire.

Some mornings I open my eyes to peach skies

& smell lilac breeze through my open window

& fall in love with every human I see-

And some mornings my chest burns,

vivid colors fade to ash;

I choke on their smiles and hellos and constant questions.

I need to escape them; so I become a Pyro

consumed with solitary madness,

burning everything connected just to feel less claustrophobic.

I’m an island again. And I’m happy. I like it. I smile.

Then I get lonely.

I cry. I scream.

I reach out for nothing in the dark with cold arms.

I labor day and night rebuilding,

until all the bridges are standing once more.

One day, no one will want to cross them, ever again.

*Image taken from artist Debbie Joplin*

*Poem property of Survival of a College Kid*

*Read more of my poetry*


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