10 Thoughts

  1. Apparently I’m really really bad at month-long blog challenges?

  2. Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination saddens me…I just…I just don’t know or understand in any way.

  3. *Public service announcement for anyone born in the late 90’s* This is NOT a test: Disney Channel is bringing back 50 of their Disney Original Movies for one big Memorial Day Weekend marathon. I’m buggin’ out right now. Boo ya!!! Check out the schedule!

  4. May the 4th be with you.

  5. Why does C3PO have a red arm in the Force Awakens? Why is Kylo Ren so obsessed with Darth Vader’s icky burnt mask? Is Rey possibly the daughter of Luke Skywalker?! And why was Luke standing on some random island for years, and how did he survive without food and shelter anyways!?!??!

  6. I can’t wait to celebrate my mom on Sunday for all the awesomeness she’s brought to my life. Tell your mom you love her while you can.

  7. Once Finals Week is over, I can finally start creating regular content for you wonderful followers 🙂


  9. Thanks to anyone and everyone who looks at my blog, for making my first couple months on WordPress super fun and rewarding.

  10. “There’s a thief in your mind called doubt. If you ever see him, call the cops. He’s wanted for murder. He’s killed more dreams than failure ever did.” 


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