Happy April Challenge, Day 15: Recent Accomplishments.

Day 15: Something Great You’ve Recently Achieved.

It’s very hard for me to pick one specific accomplishment that I’ve made recently, but there are a few small things that make me proud of myself and all the hard work I’ve put into everything lately. They all seem to revolve around either college or art, since those are the two things I have placed most of my focus on in the past couple years. So I’ll just be sharing a few of my accomplishments that may not seem hugely significant, but to me mean a great deal!

1. Getting My Poem Published.

At my school, we have this awesome literary magazine published bi-annually, titled The Quatrain. It is a student-led publication, and all the poems and artwork in the magazine are pieces submitted by students. Before I joined their awesome team in the Quatrain Club this year, I submitted one of my own poems in hopes it might get selected for the publication. I have been brave showing my work recently, but at the time of this I was exclusively private with my writings. It took a lot of courage to submit a poem, for fear of it being rejected more than anything, but I took the shot. And I was blessed enough to be selected for the magazine! It made me feel so good as a writer.

I recently posted this particular published poem, read it here: ‘To Be Young’.

2. My Painting on Exhibition.

My college has this really cool area in one of the main academic buildings, with cases meant for displaying student artwork. I was reached out to by one of the Fine Arts professors at the college, and she said she wanted one of my paintings put in the case for the rest of the semester, for everyone to see! I was so honored by this, and so thrilled that people would actually be able to look at my painting and maybe even come to like or appreciate it. Painting is my most recent hobby and artistic interest, and I’m still in that shaky stage of feeling like I don’t have great artistic talent, and all those self-doubting thoughts one experiences when starting something new. So it is exciting knowing my work may have some merit. I just love art. 🙂

The top picture shows the exhibition case, with my painting featured in the center of the middle shelf. The bottom picture shows a close-up of what it looks like; an acrylic galaxy painting inspired by the colors of Orion’s Nebula.



3. Achieving Dean’s List.

I really, really struggled my first semester of Freshman year of college. I did great academically in high school, but I felt so incredibly out of my element and overwhelmed at the start of college, that my grades plummeted. I actually ended up failing many assignments and missing lots of classes, because I was in pretty bad mental pain and just couldn’t get myself to face the world some days. But transferring out of that college, and into the college I’m at now, was one of the best decisions for my happiness. I ended up working twice as hard in my classes, getting involved wherever I could, and putting all my heart into it. As a result, I actually made my GPA leap 0.4 points higher, and got the honor of Dean’s List a few months ago. And I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.


2 thoughts on “Happy April Challenge, Day 15: Recent Accomplishments.

  1. Freshman year was tough for me too! I felt like they gave out low marks on purpose because I refused to believe I got dumb since high school lol.

    Just want to mention you missed #2 in this post. There’s two #3s.


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