Happy April Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: The meaning behind your blog name.

Survival of a College Kid.


“I have no idea what I’m doing…”

That’s a direct quote from my own mind, a thought which seems to pop up at least once a day. I’m at the age in life where I’m involuntarily floating in-between the Immature Teen and Professional Adult roles. Two years ago at 17, I was going to prom and getting detentions for talking too much in class, now at 19 I’m attending career fairs, applying for internships, and working for professional college departments. It’s all mentally rattling at times, trying to determine how “grown up” I should be at 19, or how much I even want to be.

Girl, or woman? 

Extra studying and three jobs, or friends and parties? 

Live while I’m young, or work hard to succeed?

Are we all just forced to become adults far too quickly?

Are we even ready for this? 

I am smack dab in the middle of life’s biggest balancing act. Do I safely lean back, or free-fall forward, head first? And that is my inspiration for “Survival of a College Kid”. This is glorious confusion. As I try to sort out my path through college and being on the verge of 20 and all the tricky situations that come with it, maybe someone who can relate will also find meaning in what I have to say.



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