To Be Young


Time is our sidekick in the greatest of all adventures.

Time is always ticking, but we cannot seem to hear it.

All we can hear is the sound of the birds,

returning for spring’s awakening,

reminding us that life is always around the corner.


There is too much time and not nearly enough.


We spend sunny Sunday afternoons thinking

and dreaming of all the beauty that could be ours someday.

We hate Mondays.

Coffee is our own personal superhero on sleepless days

when we stayed up much too late

imagining & watching & listening

to everything that makes us feel alive.


We often struggle to feel as though our soft voices are heard

over this deafening roar of the insecurity we have been handed

since the day they taught us to understand.

“You’re just a kid.”

“You don’t know any better.”

“Speak only when you’re spoken to.”



A long life does not equal a wise life.

Being young does not devalue the importance of your voice.

Speak up, even if your voice shakes.


We are young.

We have Time on our side.

It just sits there, tucked away in our back pockets,

waiting to be made unforgettable.

Use it wisely.


There is both so much, and never enough.


8 thoughts on “To Be Young

  1. Thank you for this poem! I really like the way you write, also your thinking is very relatable. We must never forget to use the time we still have and make it truly count! I will certainly read more of your posts:)

    Liked by 1 person

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